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UK B2B Marketing Lists: Emails, Telephone Numbers & Postal Addresses!

Targeted B2B Marketing Lists for the UK

Our UK B2B marketing lists are formulated from top tier sources that have proven their accuracy over and over again! We fully understand the importance of getting accurate business marketing lists because nobody wants to waste time contacting the wrong people in a business…

Decision maker contacts
Email addresses

Telephone numbers
Postal addresses

When you’re looking to buy your B2B Marketing lists for your latest UK marketing campaign, you’ll want to get the best possible lists at affordable rates. Bearing this in mind, we offer highly targeted lists from a reliable databases all at reasonable prices!

With our knowledge and experience in sourcing the best business lists for marketing, we’re positive we can help you turn your marketing into a roaring success!

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How many are available?

This is an approximate count of how many business contacts we have available. When you’re ready we’ll conduct a bespoke count for you on your selection criteria.

B2B Marketing Lists by Industry

Which Industry are you targeting?

It all starts with knowing which UK industry is best suited to your product or service. Our industry types have over 900 different SIC codes to choose from and a further 1,500+ internal business categories that you can use for targeting too!

You can also use ‘number of employees’ as a targeting tool too. No need to waste money buying B2B Marketing Lists for UK companies that don’t fit your criteria. Let us help you find the right fit from the get go!

B2B Marketing Lists by Job

Decision Makers

Once you’ve chosen your target industries, you need to have a think about who you want to contact at the companies. Do you want to contact the the main decision makers like the CEO’s & Managing Directors, or are you targeting specific job functions like IT decision makers or Heads of Finance?

It’s important to us to help you nail down the right contacts that will bring high value to your marketing efforts.

Our UK B2B marketing lists come with a wealth of information and different job functions to make targeting so much easier!


Know what you need?

If you know what you need, just send us a message to get started. If you’re unsure what you need, we’re here to help.

How are you going to make contact?

You can choose from emails, telephone numbers or UK mailing addresses when selecting your contact type. If you’re looking at emailing somebody and then calling them afterwards, we can help you with that too! Just let us know your perfect scenario and we’ll work together to get as close to it as possible!

Email Lists

Email Lists

Direct email addresses to the contact named in the record. We don’t offer generic emails (unless you ask for them) as we know how effective it is to send emails direct to decision makers.

B2B Telemarketing Lists

Telephone Lists

Still an extremely effective way of marketing your product or service. There’s nothing better than calling the decision maker and explaining how they could benefit from you offering.

B2B Direct Mailing Lists

Mailing Lists

This channel is making a comeback and rightfully so. Receiving a nicely written letter goes a long way! Followed up by a telephone call is a great way to start a business relationship!

Accuracy & Refresh Rate

Our target rate of accuracy is 95%

Our data providers work extremely hard to meet this level of accuracy by updating and refreshing over 200,000 records every month via just one database collaboration. Add to the mix Companies House updates, website updates including social profiles, plus other leading databases collaboration and you end up with over 12 million updates every year to the main B2B database. A business database is liquid, people change positions, join other companies and businesses open and close. It means we need to be on top of our game, and we are!

The basis of our business databases is self-declared information either by individual business social profiles, actual business owners, company websites and off course Companies House!

Business Contacts

How many do you need?

Do you need thousands or a just a select few? Either way, have a chat with us and let’s work on getting a winning list together for you.

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Information provided

Information is key when buying UK B2B marketing lists and this is why we will give you as much information as possible. A lot depends on your selection criteria…

– Company name
– Postal address
– Contact name
– Telephone number and/or email address
– Industry sector
– Number of employees & Company turnover, where available.

Some selection criteria information cannot be shared but is used for filtering purposes only. But don’t worry because we’ll explain exactly what can and can’t be included in the output file before we move forwards with your order.

Will they cost a fortune?

It all depends on how many you need to buy but to give you an idea, our smallest order starts at just £125!

Yes, we understand that not many people want to commit large sums of money to test different B2B marketing lists and that’s why we’ve made it easy to get the ball rolling!

How long does it take to receive my marketing list?

Once you have signed the order form and made payment, we aim to have your business marketing list with you within 24 to 48 hours. We don’t like people waiting around so we’ll do it as soon as possible!

What about GDPR, PECR and ICO?

All emails, phone numbers and addresses are listed business contacts by the owners. Telephone numbers are TPS and CTPS checked before sending to you, however you are responsible to TPS & CTPS them once every 28 days after receiving them. We use Legitimate Interests as our grounds for processing personal data and the use of email addresses.

B2B Contacts

Ready to buy yet?

If you have any questions or you’re ready to buy your UK B2B marketing lists, all you need to do is reach out to us and have a chat..

"Really helped me with the selection part. I was thinking for ages what would be the best industry to target because we cater for so many industries but with a little help we settled on our target audience. Will buy again!"


Sales Director, Energy Brokerage

"We've been trying to find a company that we could buy emails from for ages. We needed to A/B test different target audiences but everywhere had a sizeable minimum order. Thanks to these guys they made it possible and we both learned a bit more about Ai because they use it too"


Marketing, Ai Solutions

"I was deperate for a decent list of CEO's fast! Contacted them on the Monday morning and received my list the next day!


MD, Incentive Packages

Who are we..

We are a division of Captivate+ which is an international marketing agency based in London with offices also in Manila and Delhi. Captivate+ offers a myriad of digital marketing solutions and direct marketing solutions. Our division was added so we could focus on promoting our growing offering of B2B marketing lists.

Looking for consumer marketing lists?

At Axowa you'll find many different types of consumer marketing lists. Axowa is also part of Captivate+

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